Carestream ultrasound model

Another complicated piece I created won the B2B Campaign Category for Carestream at the AMA Rochester Pinnacle Awards for the Verdi Group (Isabel Uria did all the production work while I was at Burning Man last year. Crazy amount of work)

Pinnacle award Verdi Ultra sound machine


From Verdi site…

“The Verdi Group recently teamed up with Carestream to create a campaign for their recent entrance into the non-radiation modality of ultrasound.  The idea for the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System campaign was to engage decision-maker prospects with a direct mail piece that uniquely telegraphed the product’s ergonomic design and advancements in a memorable and innovative fashion.  The collaboration of a high-impact dimensional mail piece and explanatory text materials gave prospects an experience that exhibited the flexibility of the product and its features.

The campaign began in December of 2015, when 1,400 direct mail components were sent to radiology administrators across North America.  The dimensional mail piece captivated the target audience with a miniature paper model of the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System. Even though it was made out of paper, the model mimicked all movements of the actual product including multiple swivel motions and a collapsible column for height adjustment.  Stickers designed to be repositioned were located on the inside cover of the box, and could be swapped on and off the model to demonstrate personalized secondary controls that allow users to configure their individual preferences.   A personalized letter and brochure were also enclosed with the model to further illustrate and describe the products features.

All items were neatly secured in a box in clear shrink-wrap displaying pictures of the product’s touch panel alongside the captivating call-outs, “TOUCHING IS BELIEVING!” and “NEW ULTRASOUND SYSTEM INSIDE.”

The response thus far has been tremendous with a lead rate three times greater than the initial goal, and a social media buzz that has soared above and beyond initial efforts.”


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