How Dieline Award 1st Place Google’s “Unboxing Event”


Under a ridiculously short deadline (roughly 2 hours),  I came up with this concept  and with construction help and engineering from fellow designers  Alex Bates, Isabel Uria, Shin Wakabayashi, and Noel Boland delivered a prototype the following day.

This jumbo sized container was for  Google’s “Unboxing Event”.

It was used to promote its new store and products.The boxes, were designed as a puzzle, each piece carrying a different product. They were sent as a single gift wrapped present  to major influencers who then vlogged and posted videos of the box on YouTube.

Some interesting facts…

-Over nine million YouTube Views.

-When receiving the award, I was told that this was physically the largest entry ever received. (well over 2 feet cubed. )

-Over 2,000 entries in the How Design Live competition, was told it took the judges approx.  3 days to view all

This was a truly collaborative effort, it is one thing to conceive of a project and another to produce. In all my years of designing, I’ve never seen more team work to deliver a project Thank you to all who touched this… the designers, production , the assemblers in Mexico and Teresa Garner the Account Manager.(also marketing for submitting)

A big thank you also to the Staff at How Design Live, the judges who slogged through the entries and the many sponsors of event.

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